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Svetlana Kurmaz, having graduated from the Faculty of Art Graphics of the Kuban State University (Russia), is engaged professionally in paintings since 1992.
She participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK (Cambridge).
The aesthetic and philosophical direction of her creative method can be designated as metaphysical realism, where a deep colour is combined with an image-symbol, vibrating between the objective and “thin” worlds.

The Art Works of Svetlana Kurmaz are presented in the following Collections:

- Kovalenko Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia
- Exhibition Hall of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia
- Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
- Contemporary Art Museum of “M’Ars” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
- “Art Chronika” Cultural Life Magazine, Moscow, Russia
- “Vostochnaya” Gallery, Moscow, RussiaPublishing Hause “Krasny Matros”,
- St Petersburg, Russia
- “Hay Hill” Gallery, London, UK
- International Youth Centre G.la Pirra, Florence, Italy
- DTO Company, Munich, Germany
- Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest Company, Berlin, Germany
- General Motors Company, Moscow, Russia
- "Price Waterhouse Coopers"Company, Moscow, Russia
- St. Barnabas Church, London, UK

And also in private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden,Croatia, Austria, Australia ,Ireland, Denmark, Holland.

The main exhibitions of last years:

2009 «Glasgow Atr Fair’09», Glasgow, UK
«Maitres figuratifs du XXIe siecle», «b-Art Galerie», Vevey, Switserland

2008 “Europ’ART”, Geneva, Switzerland
“Faces”,XPgallery, Prague, Czech Republik
«Affordable Art Fair», Paris, France
« Affordable Art Fair», New York, USA
LINEART, International Art Fair, Gent, Belgium

2007 “Rouge”,One-Man Snow , XPgallery, Prague, Czech Republik
Art Ireland”, Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland
“Edindurgh Art Fair”, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
"ELLES", le theme de la feminite, Schortgen Galerie, Luxembourg

2006”S.K.A.S.”, Koln, Triangle, Cologne, Germany

2005 “Operation Smile” Benefit Auction of Russian Art
with the support of CHRISTIE’S, Moscow, Russia
“Painting” One-Man Show,”XPgallery”, Prague, Czech Republic

2004 “Art-Moscow”, International Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
"Operation Smile"Benefit Auction of Russian Art, Moscow, Russia

2003 “Art Manege”, International Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
One-Man Show in Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
Peter Batkin & Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg Charity Auction
of Contemporary Russian Art, Moscow, Russia

2002"Operation Smile" Charity Auction of Russian Art, Malyi Manege, Moscow
One-Man Show, “Hay Hill” Gallery, London, UK
“Open Ateliers” in Iternational Kunstatelierhause Mengerzeile, Berlin, Germany

2001One-Man Show in “Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest”, Berlin, Germany
“Konst in Virsbo”, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Virsbo, Sweden
“10 Let", Contemporary Moscow’s Art, Gallery “A-3", Moscow,Russia

2000“20 Parallels”, Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum
& Sweden Embassy , Moscow, Russia
“Euroart 2000″. International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain
One-Man Show in Russian Cultural Centre, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
“Line of Mauntains”(with A.Sokht) Programme “Artist in Residence”,
La Belle Auriole, France
“Area of Happiness” in Central Hause of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1999 “Art-Moscow”, International Art Fair . Moscow, Russia
“Art Manege”, International Art Fair . Moscow, Russia
One-Man Show “Island of Apples”(with A.Sokht), "A-3" Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1998One-Man Show “Secret is Red Flower”, “Vostochnaya” Gallery , Moscow, Russia
“Art Manege” Inernational Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
One-Man Show “Contrast”(with A.Sokht) in Huberhoff, Munich, Germany

1997“Russian Collection in Palais des Nations”, Geneva, Switzerland
One-Man Show “Two Good Ones”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1996 One-Man Show “Ad Hominem”, Russian State Art Library, Moscow,
Russia“Art Manege”, International Art Fair, Moscow, Russia
"Galerie Russe du Centre" Geneva, Switzerland

1995One-Man Show “Red Trees" in “M’Ars” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"Golden Brush" in Central Hause of Artists" Moscow, Russia
"Bilders Eines Briefe" in Huberhoff, Munich, Germany

1994"Russian Collection.End of 20th Century”, “M’Ars” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
One-Man Show “Ludi”, International Youth Center G.la Pirra, Florence, Italy
One-Man Show in Gallery L'immagine, Florence, Italy
"Moscow's Artists" Emmanuel College, Cambrige, UK

1993"Incontro"(with Elide Cabassi, Italy), Central Hous of Artists, Moscow
Laureate of contest exhibition"Libera L'idea"
Gallery L'immagine, Florence, Italy

1992“37 Pictures” in “M’Ars” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
“48 Pictures” in Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia